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Robert P. George lectures on constitutional law, civil liberties, and philosophy of law at Princeton University, where he is the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence. George also serves as the director of Princeton's James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions. A native of West Virginia, George holds his JD and MTS from Harvard's Law and Divinity Schools and his DPhil from Oxford University.

In November of 2009, George helped draft the Manhattan Declaration, which urges the church to defend life, marriage, and family and religious freedom. In 2012 Dr. George was appointed to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. In the past, he has served as a member of the President's Council on Bioethics and as a presidential appointee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

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Eighth Day Symposium

A mere Christian Gathering for the renewal of culture through the stimulation of heart & mind. Organized by Eighth Day Institute and hosted by St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral.

Featuring James K. A. Smith, Rod Dreher, Bishop James Conley, James Kushiner, and others. Plus A Thursday evening reception at Eighth Day Books and a Friday evening banquet for the Feast of St. Athanasius the Great.

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Veritas Conference 2015

Challenging the Secular Culture: A Call to Christians Conference
April 10-11, 2015

"Truth enlightens man's intelligence and shapes his freedom."
—Blessed John Paul II,
Veritatis Splendor


Our culture is in trouble. The daily news, critiques by Christian thought-leaders, and common sense tell us so. But rarely do they tell us how to address the mess in sensible and practical ways. At the Challenging the Secular Culture: A Call to Christians Conference, prominent scholars and public figures will teach us to do just that.

Seasoned defenders of Christian culture will offer ideas both big and modest for reclaiming a sound, moral culture—a culture that fosters human dignity to the fullest. They will address how to challenge troublesome trends and realities, and how to renew our culture in the domains of family life, sexual morality, education, politics, law, art and architecture, economic life, the media, young people, and minority groups.


Dr. Allan C. Carlson
The Natural Family in the Post-Modern (and Much More Real) World

Dr. Anthony Esolen
"Let Them Be Born in Wonder": Recovering the True Core of a Human Education

James Kalb
The Challenge Goes Deep

Dr. Stephen Krason
Resotring Sound Culture and American Principles: The Different Dimensions of a Social and Political Response

Sheila Liaugminas
Media Matter: Shaping Public Opinion for the Gospel

Dr. Jonathan Reyes
Christ in Civil Society: The Intersection of Higher Education and Social Concerns in the Evangelization of Culture

Dr. Lawrence M. Stratton
Restoring American Law

Duncan Stroik
A New Renaissance in Art and Architecture

Dr. Benjamin Wiker
Disestablishing Secularism Through Reestablishing the University

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Identity Thievery

In Christ All Sinners Are Truly Made New



Marriage Lite or the New Concubinage?


Multiplication Tabled

on the Problem of Preaching About "Responsible Parenthood"


Tethered Professor

Dr. Eric Hedin & the Contested Boundaries of Science


A Divine Gift of the Muses

The Great Epics Are Theological & Mark the Hard Path to Beatitude


Prized Fighter

An Interview with Star Parker

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