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Help us spread the word for Christ, Creed, and Culture!

Now you can easily get order forms for our publications into the hands of your family, friends, church, school, reading group, or event participants. We have PDFs for Touchstone and Salvo magazines, the St. James Calendar of the Christian year, and the Daily Devotional Guide that you can download here from our Fellowship of St. James website.

Just print off these handy forms, cut them in two, and you can place them in your bulletin, set them out on a church coffee or greeters table, or put them in your brochure rack. Please set out the forms anywhere that others may see them and benefit from becoming a subscriber to the magazines.

And let us know how you distributed the brochures so we can share your ideas with others.

Now more than ever it’s easier, faster, and more economical to help spread the word about the Fellowship of St. James!

Click on the icon or file name to download pdf flyer:

Touchstone (TS_websitePDF.pdf)

Salvo (SV_websitePDF.pdf)

The Daily Devotional Guide (DG_websitePDF.pdf)