From the editor: March 20, 2015

Crucible of the Assyrians

Iraqi Christians, ISIS and the Middle East

Iraqi Christian Relief Council (ICRC)

I was privileged last evening to introduce Juliana Taimoorazy, our speaker for a Fellowship of St. James Evening Talk, at Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church, Warrenville, Illinois, hosted by Rev. Wilbur Ellsworth. Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants were together for this timely presentation. (I note that this coming Sunday evening CBS is airing a segment on 60 Minutes on the plight of Christians in Iraq.)

Juliana Taimoorazy is founder and president of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council. Her own unique story as a refugee has made her a strong leader and an unshakable voice for Christians in Iraq today.

As a young woman in 1989, Taimoorazy was smuggled into Switzerland due to religious persecution in her native Iran. After spending seven days in a monastery in Zurich, she was once again smuggled into Germany where she sought religious asylum. After spending one year in Germany, in December of 1990 she came to America as a refugee.

In 2006, Juliana made a commitment to be a greater voice and advocate for the persecuted church in Iraq and refugees who have resettled in the United States. She founded Iraqi Christian Relief Council in 2007 which has helped thousands of displaced Christians throughout Iraq with food, shelter, and medicine. Today, through her activism and media appearances on FoxNews, NewsMax, and several Christian radio programs, Taimoorazy has tirelessly promoted the cause of the Assyrian Christians throughout the world.


Iraqi Christian Relief Council (ICRC) exists to support, protect, and defend persecuted Assyrian Christians in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East by providing emergency humanitarian aid, prayer support, and advocacy.

Your brothers and sisters in Iraq (photo:

ICRC has helped thousands of people throughout Iraq by providing urgent humanitarian supplies during dire situations to people who need our help right now. ICRC's unique knowledge and footprint with its partners on the ground in Iraq allow it to target supplies to those who are in desperate circumstances.

Your gifts allow the following items to be provided safely on the ground in Iraq:

▪ Food parcels and clean water
▪ Medicine and medical supplies
▪ Shelter, tents, warm blankets, and mattresses

Other basic necessities like diapers, clothing, and toiletries.


The Iraqi Christian Relief Council is registered with the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 Not-for-profit charity. (I have reviewed their financials.)

Our gifts come from the desire to share the very substance of our lives and livelihood with our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering today.

Following our Lord's instruction given to us through the apostolic writings, specifically the Epistle to the Hebrews, we "remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them; and those who are treated, since you also are in the body." Christians in Iraq are being driven from their homes, tortured, raped, sold into sex slavery, and killed.

Obviously I believe this is important, so much so that, despite the demands of fundraising for the Fellowship of St. James, I am using my Friday letter to appeal for help for these our brothers and sisters in Iraq. Last night I was able to make a contribution to the Iraqi Christian Relief Council. I hope you can too.

Please, be as generous as God has given you the ability to be. It is a privilege to do so, a blessing for us to embrace.

Yours for Christ, Creed & Culture,

James M. Kushiner
Executive Director, The Fellowship of St. James