From the editor: January 16, 2015

Mindful of Life

Life, even some non-believing scientists say, is a miracle. And human life? The Psalms declare man a wonder, a little lower than the angels—a creature of whom the Creator is quite mindful. That Creator, who heard the blood of Abel crying from the ground after his murder, surely is mindful of the blood that has been shed in this country, cloaked under the banner of "Choice." Millions of victims. So, Cain was free to "choose"?

The pro-life cause has not shriveled up; abortion clinics continue to close. Increasingly restrictive laws are being enacted in various states. Too many people know in their bones (and from science) that It's A Human Being.

Marches for Life have been springing up around the country, inspired by the large annual march in D.C. every January. There is now one in downtown Chicago (Jan. 19 this year) and one in the northwest suburbs. And this is not (yet) a pro-life city, county, or state, by any means.

The late Henry Hyde, Congressman from Illinois, was a staunch defender of life, and sponsor of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibited the use of federal funds for abortions (it has recently been shelved, shall we say).

Robert P. George
Robert P. George to receive the
Henry Hyde Life Leadership Award

Each year 40 pro-life and pro-family organizations in Illinois, under the umbrella of SpeakOut Illinois, present the Henry Hyde Life Leadership Award to a pro-life leader. This year it is being given to Robert P. George of Princeton. If you want to hear an inspiring speaker, come on Jan. 31 to hear his keynote address, "Bearing Faithful Witness to Life & Facing Persecution." Registration details here. The speech will be taped.

But that is not all. The life issues touch many areas. Included in the program on Jan. 31 is a session on Sex Trafficking. What does that have to do with abortion? Plenty. Sex traffickers are regular clients of such "providers" as Planned Parenthood, bringing in their employees who happened to get pregnant from doing business. Oftentimes the girls are underage. (Trafficking itself should be addressed by civilized society and stopped. Its victims number in the millions.) But rarely are authorities notified when underage girls come in for abortions (they are obviously victims of statutory rape.) The whole thing is a sordid business. About which the Creator is mindful. He will not be mocked.

January 31, SpeakOut Breakout Sessions:

Social Media & The Power of Persuasion
featuring Mary Hallan FioRito, Esq., executive assistant to the Archbishop of Chicago and Tom Ciesielka, president of TC Public Relations.

The Pill: Poison for Men & Women
featuring Dr. Diana West, Postdoctoral Research Scholar at The University of Chicago.

Victims of "Choice": Reaching Post-Abortive Women & Men
featuring Nancy Kreuzer, Illinois regional coordinator for the Silent No More Campaign.

Sex Trafficking: How to Recognize It & Do Something About It
featuring Elizabeth Yore, Esq., International child advocacy consultant.

Registration details here.

Yours for Life, Christ, Creed & Culture,

James M. Kushiner