From the editor: July 11, 2014

Bringing Things Together

2014 Fundraising Chart
We reached our fundraising goal! Thank you!

First, "thank you" to the many donors who helped us end our fiscal year on June 30 strong! We surpassed our goal by $40!

Second, Touchstone is cosponsoring a BIG event in Nashville with Russell Moore and the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission: "The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage," October 26-28, 2014. We will be there, so come to Nashville and meet us!

Third, I am looking to hire a Business Manager to work at the Fellowship of St. James in Chicago:

The Fellowship of St. James, a non-for-profit Christian publishing ministry, is seeking a full-time Business Manager. The Fellowship has four full-time employees (Executive Director/Executive Editor of publications; Managing Editor of publications; Graphic Design and Web Editor for publications; and the Business Manager) and two part-time employees. The position entails oversight, management, and execution of all business aspects of the ministry, from oversight of the facility, bookkeeping, data entry, budgeting, reporting, personnel records, payroll, purchasing office supplies, computers, vendor contracts, and mailings.

This is an ideal position for a business-oriented person with experience who seeks to utilize business skills to manage the efficiency and growth of the ministry of the Fellowship.

Anyone interested in filling this important position should send me an e-mail, I will send a full job description. Please pray that we find "the right man for the job"!

Fourth, something I wrote today in response to a submission to Touchstone of a pro-gay marriage article:

Your very long essay would not fit in Touchstone, even severely shortened. For one thing, it seems premised on not defining marriage as the one-flesh union referenced in Genesis, affirmed by Jesus, and referenced again by St. Paul. In What Is Marriage? Robert George et al clearly articulate the biological, human, and social aspects of marriage, a procreational reality with existential substance. Other types of commitments, as "exclusive" as they may be, do not constitute in any meaningful sense the one-flesh union that is marriage in Holy Scripture.

Marriage, and other things, like friendship, have a definite shape, definite components. You cannot be my friend if you steal my money. Take the game of baseball. You can play many variations on baseball (shorthanded, pitcher's hands out, right field foul). But you must at least have two pieces of equipment for baseball: 1) a bat and 2) a baseball. Two people throwing baseballs back and forth to each other are "playing catch"—they are not playing baseball! God's will for the male-female marital union was explicitly revealed in Genesis and affirmed by Jesus. There may be other 'couplings,' but they are not and cannot ever be marriage, which is the committed, lifelong, one-flesh union of the two sexes, male and female.

There is no future in gay marriage, nor in any sexually permissive culture—not for very long, despite new drugs and technologies. Christians are called to sexual purity. It's there in Genesis, right on through to Revelation (see 22:11,15). Fortunately, God is able to forgive and heal us of our failings, when we repent. He is merciful and gracious. No need for despair, but always hope in the Lord!

Yours for Christ, Creed & Culture,
—James M. Kushiner