From the editor: June 13, 2014

Whence Healing?

"The world is not closed in itself for a single moment, at any point of its existence, but is always open to the influence of spiritual forces, which is determined and limited only by the will of God."

Jacob's Ladder: On Angels
Jacob's Ladder: On Angels by Sergius Bulgakov

Thus writes Sergius Bulgakov in his book, Jacob's Ladder: On Angels. (So much for materialism!) The angel who comes on Easter morning and rolls away the stone "does not become like a strong man who was able to accomplish an action that is not within human power to do. . . . No, this means that the stone rolled itself away under the metaphysical influence of the angel, which is not subject to any physical reckoning in this world."

The stone rolled itself? Well, read Acts 12:6-10. "And Peter's chains fell off his hands." And the iron gate leading into the city "opened to them of its own accord." An angel was present with Peter when all this took place.

Bulgakov suggests that "God performs miracles in the world not by entering among its physical forces—God is absolute spirit—but by influencing the metaphysical structure of creation." Since creation is both heaven and earth, the angels of heaven have a mysterious access to the material world. We only see through a glass dimly here. (For the record, I do not endorse Bulgakov's entire theology.)

So, we pray for healing miracles sometimes. We are always to begin our quest for physical healing by looking to the spiritual power of the Lord. James writes, "Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord."

Knowing this, I was anointed with oil in church for healing several times. The symptoms persisted, and it became apparent that direct medical intervention would be the next step. So last Friday I underwent an "anterior disectomy and fusion" for several vertebrae in my neck. There was no metaphysical reordering in evidence, so six titanium screws and three plates were used instead. This is another example of how we mortals use our faculties and skills to put things right as best we can.

This operation was a temporary fix, which I hope will last the rest of my life. The final healing will be under metaphysical lights, at the resurrection, when we are changed "in the twinkling of an eye." There are many mentions in Scripture of the last day, the final harvest, the end of the world, when such things take place. And always present and actively involved are The Angels.

I covet your prayers for the success of this temporary measure, all the same. Thanks for reading.

Yours for Christ, Creed & Culture,
—James M. Kushiner