From the editor: April 25, 2014

David S. Dockery

Good News Front

I am very happy to announce that David S. Dockery, outgoing president of Union University (Jackson, Tennessee) and President-elect of Trinity International University (Deerfield, Illinois) has agreed to join the Board of the Fellowship of St. James. I am excited by the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Dockery and to benefit from his wisdom and experience. He is a dedicated believer in Our Lord Jesus Christ and a servant of the Gospel and mere Christianity.

I would also like to share with you our latest FSJ newsletter, mailed earlier this month. An online PDF version is available for your reading here.

Also, Senior Editor Russell Moore wrote on "Same-Sex Marriage & the Future" last week on his blog, in which he also mentions a conference this coming fall (October 25-27) on The Gospel, Homosexuality & the Future of Marriage.

I hope to attend this event.

In the meantime, have a Blessed Easter Season!

Yours for Christ, Creed & Culture,

—James M. Kushiner

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