From the editor: February 7, 2014

Exceptional Presidential Ink

Jim Sable
Jim Sable

Last week I offered more thoughts on Christian rulers, so the question put to Jim Sable last Saturday (at the lectern; that's me on the left) during a workshop I moderated at SpeakOut Illinois is a good case in point about the challenges faced by any Christian ruler, whether King or President.

Jim Sable wrote up his account of the workshop, "The Hard Cases," and the question, with his comments, for LifeSite News, which you can find here.

The question was, "If you were President of the United States, would you sign a bill outlawing abortion if it had a rape exception?" Jim said a resounding "No." Jim Sable was born of rape. Not everyone was entirely convinced by his reply, but a woman from Brazil related how Brazil has a rape exception—and an abortion rate of 4,500 per day. In other words, anyone who wants an abortion just says she was raped. Which shows the difficultly of regulating and enforcing such a law.

Another panelist, Lisa Youngblood, discovered she was pregnant after being given a date-rape drug (she has absolutely no memory of it—and was a virgin at the time). Lisa gave birth to the child and raised her.

Panelist Dr. Pam Smith (to the right Jim in the picture) spoke clearly about medical cases in which couples are advised to abort a child because of fetal abnormalities (even fatal ones). She said that aborting the child moves the parents one step closer to the death itself, adding grief upon grief by killing the child themselves rather than allowing the child to be born, even if he will die, or even to die in the womb.

These are indeed hard cases, and in this life we have to find the grace and the courage to face decisions that come our way. The Lord knows our frame, and remembers that we are dust, and his mercy is from everlasting to everlasting.

—James M. Kushiner