From the editor: January 17, 2014

From the Eighth Day

8th Day Books
8th Day Books

I write from the Eighth Day Symposium in Wichita, Kansas. The Eighth Day Institute is a spin-off of Eighth Day Books, Wichita, which hosted a reception last evening for speakers and guests. There will be an open house at the store tomorrow evening. I am looking forward to it because the store, housed in a three-story house, is an absolute treasure, containing books that truly reflect the interests and concerns of "mere Christians" of the sort who read and appreciate Touchstone. Eighth Day brought its portable bookstore to Chicago on several occasions when we hosted Touchstone conferences.

We read books as Christians because we do not wish live in our present bubble of time, as individuals, but recognize that we are tightly bound to the full Body of Christ throughout time. Books by and about church fathers, saints, art, architecture, liturgy, Biblical commentary, history, music, monasticism, missionaries, universities, education, medical care, and science and more are of interest to mere Christians. And Eighth Day Books is the place to be! The owner, Warren Farha, is a good man to know, and I recommend that you patronize his books.

I just bought a copy of Peter Leithart's book Shining Through, which is a review of Terrence Malick's Tree of Life. Peter is here at the conference to speak.

I have been pleased to meet Touchstone subscribers here from Kansas and neighboring states!

The conference topic is Constantine, Christendom, and Cultural Renewal, with plenary speakers Peter Liethart, Alan Kreider, Benjamin Wiker, and Vigen Guroian.

—James M. Kushiner