From the editor: December 27, 2013


The Light of Christ

During the Twelve Days of Christmas the days here in the North grow longer and lighter. The St. James Daily Devotional Guide readings for Dec. 27 include two reflections on the Light of Christ, taken from the writings of John the Apostle, who is commemorated today in the West.

The readings are John 1:1-18 ("and the life was the light of men...") and 1 John 1:1-8 ("if we walk in the light..."). Just today a friend and subscriber wrote:

"...the darker the culture grows, the brighter Touchstone journal shines. I guess it's true of all followers of Christ, but Touchstone has the opportunity to shine on more people than most of us."

We try to reflect the Light of Christ in our publications as much as possible. We must look always to the Light—day in and day out, at every hour of the day. We must always look to Jesus, apart from whom we can do nothing.

But I can't take personal credit for the Light of Touchstone. I do credit our wonderful seniors editors—Allan Carlson, Anthony Esolen, Robert George, S. M. Hutchens, James Hitchcock, Russell Moore, Leon Podles, Fr. Pat Reardon—and our dedicated publication staff, Anita Kuhn and Jerry Janquart.

I also credit our more than 1,100 donors, who make Touchstone possible. If you are one of them, I thank you! If you are not, I invite you to join us by supporting the evangelical work of Touchstone with an on-line donation today. I also invite current donors to make a year-end donation to help us close the gap in our financial needs.

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May the Light of Christ be with you in the days ahead!

—James M. Kushiner